Criminal Investigations

Most people think they will never have the need for a Criminal Investigator. However, circumstances change in our culture quickly. The need for a qualified Criminal Investigator can save you time, money, and stress to your health. Whether you are charged with a crime or accused of a wrongdoing, let a trained “Criminal Investigator” develop the facts and provide you the best course of action to pursue. Our team of investigators are graduates of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center’s Criminal Investigator Program and have more than 30 years of experience conducting complex criminal investigations.

Civil Investigations

Civil Investigations vary according to ones need. Experiencing the mistrust in a relationship, or developing information to locate a missing child or relative can be very complex. Knowing how to find and develop information is a skill obtained through knowledge and experience. Having a qualified investigator develop these facts can lead to successful results through the substantiation of credible facts. If your car needs repair, you do not take it just anyone? You take it to a mechanic to determine the cause of the problem and correct it.

Threat Investigations

We live in a dangerous time in our lives. Every day you hear more about workplace violence. If you suspect a problem with an employee, don’t wait until it is too late by saying “it won’t happen here”. By then, it mostly already has taken place. Be proactive, let our trained Threat Investigator conduct a facility analysis of your business and assist you in creating an employee action plan. This can save you money, and will save lives. Possibly your own? Our Threat Investigator is a retired Senior Criminal Investigator with the U.S. Marshals Service, who has conducted several complex Threat Investigations and security assignments against members of the Federal Judiciary.

Corporate Investigations

Employee misconduct whether it is employee theft, sexual harassment, theft of time, or family leave can cost your corporation thousands of dollars in lost revenue and productivity. Let our team of professional investigators help you by conducting a covert surveillance. We will provide a detailed investigative report that can help save time, money, and correct employee moral.

Employee Background Investigations

Know who you are hiring. Our investigators have extensive experience in conducting background investigations. In addition, we have investigators that have served in senior management positions in state and federal government agencies. We know what to look for, what questions need to be asked. Just don’t hire someone, “Know who you are hiring” CIS Investigations provides professional investigative services to businesses by performing comprehensive employment background investigations and research of individuals, assets, locations, utilities and more.

Our services include developing evidence to support a claim or a defense, identifying, or locating witnesses. Our extensive range of domestic and international searches / information will help in deciding whether to seek legal action, employ alternative dispute resolutions, negotiate a settlement, seek a restraining order or verify potential risks and threats.

These searches are performed by trained and experienced Investigators. Our fee structures are determined based upon the type of research requested and performed. • Individual Non-Employment / Searches • Aircraft Search • Bankruptcies, liens & Judgments Search • Business License • Cellular Phone Number Search • Corporate & Limited Partnership Filing Search • Criminal History • Drivers History • Education Verification • Employment Verification • Fictitious Business Name Search • Fire Arms Search • License Plate or VIN Search • Media Searches • National Criminal Index Database Search • National Death Locator • Officers/Directors Records Search • Personal Reference Verification • Phone - landline Number Search • Professional License Verification • Real Property Ownership Search • Sex Offender Search • Social Security Trace • Toll Free Number Search • UCC Filing Search • Utility Search • Vehicle and Vessel Search • Voter Registration • Watercraft Search • Workers’ Comp. Filing Search • Terrorist / Multinational Search

Strike Management / Labor Disputes

Incurring financial losses, property damage, sabotage, and potential employee injuries may have an unfavorable effect on your company's reputation during a labor interruption. We can reduce liability and help you maintain a safe and productive workplace, crucial to a company of any size. During a company labor dispute, management personnel or high-ranking executives may receive or be concerned about threats. We can provide an integrated protection strategy for company employees who have received threats or may be at risk. CIS Investigations can also provide the appropriate security measures necessary to maintain stability throughout this period by providing investigators, security professionals and surveillance teams to appropriately prevent, detect, manage and defuse potentially volatile incidents and dangers faced by company employees and property.

Security Awareness Training

Security in the workplace is at an all time high. Being proactive by establishing and implementing an Emergency Action Plan can save your company time and money. With the changes in our world today, security is not an elective process but is a necessity. Let our team of professional threat investigators evaluate your security needs by conducting a facility analysis of your corporation. We can assist you by making sound recommendations how you can provide a safe atmosphere for you employees

Workplace Training

As an employer, you may be legally responsible for maintaining a violence-free workplace. Employers are often held accountable for bodily harm resulting from a violent act committed by an employee. The costs associated with substance abuse and violence in the workplace cost employers billions of dollars each year in lost productivity and revenue. In addition to protecting employees, customers, visitors and vendors, employers must consider requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) and State Workers' Compensation Laws. Our training programs help reduce the risk and expense caused by unethical, illegal or irresponsible employee activities in the workplace. Each training program provides participants with practical tools for the identification and early intervention of disruptive employee conduct such as substance abuse, sexual harassment, and workplace violence. The training includes the use of informative, easy-to-read professional material such as pamphlets, slides, and custom booklets to help participants better understand the sensitive issues under discussion. Training, recognition, and corrective action are steps to cultivating and preserving a safe and profitable workplace.

VIP Protection Services

VIP Protection Services/Bodyguard services

Criminal & Civil Process

Serving a criminal or civil subpoena can be difficult and dangerous. As a Retired Deputy U.S. Marshal with over 25 years, our lead investigator has served thousands of legal process from the U.S. District Court. We will provide due diligence and proven results in locating witnesses.

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