Our Team

Our investigators have extensive experience conducting corporate investigations and background investigations.

Our team of professional investigators consists of retired agents from the U.S. Marshals Service, FBI, IRS Criminal Investigation, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and other law enforcement together with fire service professionals. In additional to our investigative experience, we are able to provide experienced investigators in Financial Fraud Investigation and Managerial Counseling. We are also able to provide employment background investigations.

Our Philosophy

Whatever you need may be, please consider the services of Continental Investigative Services.

Continental Investigative Services is a professional agency providing consultation to areas of investigative need. Our agents are professional consultants with extensive experience in Criminal & Civil Investigation, Service of Criminal & Civil Process, Witness Location, Personal Protective Services, Domestic and Fidelity Investigations and other specialty areas including Traffic Accident Reconstruction and Arson Investigation.

Our Mission

Litigation arising from employee misconduct costs employers billions of dollars annually. Increasingly, lawsuits are focused on the quality of the workplace undercover investigation. Don't just get the facts. Understand them. Continental Investigative Services, LCC, goes beyond solving problems, so you know why things happen, not just that they happened. CIS Investigators have extensive knowledge and experience conducting criminal and civil investigations.

Our Services

Corporate Risks Solutions

Built on an architecture of cutting-edge supercomputers, proprietary linking and assessment algorithms, online investigative system is the newest, most powerful solution to locate, research and find the connections between individuals, businesses and assets. Our massive repository of public and protected records is used by the largest global corporations, major financial institutions, insurance carriers and over 100,000 law enforcement investigators. Criminals and fraudsters are more innovative than ever, so detecting and preventing fraud now requires advanced tools and techniques.


Employee misconduct whether it is employee theft, sexual harassment, theft of time, or family leave can cost your corporation thousands of dollars.

corporate Training & Seminars

We can assist you by making sound recommendations how you can provide a safe atmosphere for you employees.

Civil & Criminal process

CIS Investigators have extensive knowledge and experience conducting criminal and civil investigations.

VIP Protection

Overnight investigation. One or two investigators. All investigators are licensed by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation and are authorized to carry firearms.

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